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Mikes Restaurant
30 Mapleton RD
New Brunswick E1G 3V8
Tel: 506-855-6464
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About Mikes

Founded in 1967, Mikes is one of the most reputable and innovative restaurant chains in Canada. Since the very first restaurant opened in Quebec, more than 85 more have sprung up across three Canadian provinces. Over 3,000 people work for the Mikes family, which has sales of over $127 million.

Mikes restaurants have been the property of the Imvescor Restaurant Group since 2000. Since Imvescor’s humble beginnings as Pizza Delight in Shediac, New Brunswick, four decades ago, the company has quickly positioned itself as a leader in Quebec and the rest of Canada in the moderate/casual family dining segment. Imvescor Inc. also operates the Pizza Delight, Scores and Bâton Rouge chains!


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